Adobe CS3 Sealed Fakes - BEWARE!

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I was looking to upgrade my CS2 to CS3, and found some cheap sealed "originals" on eBay.  Or so I thought... I bought one and found out it was a fake from Hong Kong.  It's hard to spot, but the main evidence is as follows:

• The inner packaging is really soft cardboard - same colour and quality of a toilet roll tube!

• The clear plastic around the DVD case is really poor quality and looks loose.

• Despite having a product key for installation, the installed program will not complete updates.

• The manual has really poor quality pixilated black and white pictures inside - screenshots etc.

• After installation it will say CS3 extended on the menu bar at the top, not CS3 which is on the front cover of the box.

Furthermore, if you're still not sure of the authenticity, then you can give Adobe a call and ask them to verify the license number. (the long number on the back of the DVD case)

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