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Ebay is a great place to buy Software Titles especially Adobe Products. However there are a few things you really need to take into Account when buying Adobe Products as its not always clear.

Educational, Used, New and Fake

Educational Titles although they are licensed some sellers some forget to mention that you need to prove that you are in fact a genuine student or teacher often having to Fax proof of this unless you can do this the software is completely useless so be sure.

If you buy a used product that is a Genuine version you may still not be able to use it as the License has to be Transferred to you via the Original Owner not always the Seller. Details can be found on the Adobe Website serach for Licence Transfer Policy

Fake this is one of the most common mistakes to make thinking because they have a photo of the Item its Legal, wrong the thing to look for is Price if its too low then 8 times out of 10 its a fake Prices for Adobe products rarely start low unless its an extremely old version. Pictures if its a genuine picture you can usually tell then that’s fine Stock Box photos are also a give away for a fake and last but very much not least ask the seller for the Serial Number as you can always phone ADOBE and request a serial number check I have done this many time and has proved very fruitful to discover that I almost Bid on 4 Fakes and one was registered NOT to the seller so I couldnt even transfer the license. If you stick to this guide not only for this but many other software titles you should have a happy and fruitful auction.

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