Adui A4 B5, replacing brake discs and pads.

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One warning on the ABS. Make sure your ABS sensors are clean and not damaged during the process or the ABS light will come on. If it did either you have damaged a sensor or it has moved. amke sure they are closer to the rotors as they were so mark their position with marker before you do all this. if it did and wont go away, then the fault is stored and you need a can scanner to clear the fault. Get one of ebay but make sure it will do the trick.

The front brake discs and pads are easy to replce. you just need to unscrew the calipers 2-off slider bolts and the caliper comes out and the pads. Then you need to unscrew 2-off bolts and the bracket holding the caliper comes out. then you can replace the disc. Mine had 288mm discs, check the size on your car before you order. you will have to get to the disc to measure otherwise you will make the wrong measurement and order the wrong size. I have been throught this so dont make the same mistake I did.

Rear discs are a pain. Take the wheel off, then the 2-off slider bolts to take the caliper off. Then 2 more bolts(these will be very hard) to take the bracket off holding the caliper. Then take the hub cap off by inserting a falt screwdriver in the edge and the cap pops off. inside you will see the hub nut. first take the locking pin out, you have to unbend it straight then pull it out with pliers. then unscrew the hubnut (wont be very tight). Now the disc can come out. Watchout for the bearings. they will fall on the put some clean cloth under there.

Now the disc is out and it has 2 bearings inside. First take the bearings out, they should be loose. If you have new bearings then dont take the old ones out. if not then you will have to take the bearing chassis out from the disc. from one side of the disc put a socket extension bar on to bearing chassis and hit it with hammer not so hard. there are 3 grooves and you have to put the bar on the bearing chassis from these grooves so the chasis doesnot tilt and comes out straight. dont use sharp end object to hammer out the bearing chassis or it will damage it.

once the bearing chassis is out you can put the new or same  chassis in by placing it on the discs hole and hammering it in with w big enought socket so it goes in straight(not tilted) once the bearing chassis is seated you have to do the other side as wel.

Also transfer the ABS rotors from old discs to new ones. just hammer them in. if you have new ones then even better. they are only on the rear discs.

now there is a rubber seal that goes on top of the bearing on the innner side of the disc.(not the side where wheel goes on) reseat that seal.

Now climb the disc on the shaft with rubber seal side going in first. Now hammer the disc in so the rubber seal has been pushedin now seat the outer bearing into the disc and put the hub nut on. while you are tightening the hub nut do hammer the disc so that there is no play. Do not over tighten the hub nut. the disc should be able to spin freely without any noise.

Then put the locking washer on and the locking pin. put the wheel back on. thats it job done.



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