Advanced Ebay Antique /Collectable Pottery Seller Guide

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  Here Two Important Points for Advanced Ebay Sellers which may help in gaining a higher price for your Ebay Auctions, when selling Antique and Collectable pottery.

  Have your Antique and Collectable Pottery Item auctions finishing at peak periods such as late evenings for the English, North American and Far Eastern Markets. You will gain a higher price if your auctions finish at peak periods. To do this you will have to know the relevent markets such as U.K. buyers prefer regional based potteries such as Staffordshire, Linthorpe or Troika. U.S. markets can be driven by periods such as Victorian, Art Deco Art Nouveau, Rococo, Georgian etc, Japanese and Far Eastern Buyers are often driven by the actual designers such as Clarice Cliff, Susie Cooper, Shelley & Bernard Leach etc. So decide which catagory your item falls into and end your item at a peak selling time to your customers.

  Include search words the Item Title, Item Description, Shop Title, Shop Description. The more you mention key searc words the more you will get the hits to your site from search engines, such as google, yahoo etc. For example if you are selling Shelley Pottery, it is imporant that you mention Shelley in your shop title, Shelley in your shop description, Shelley in your Ebay item title and Shelley in the Ebay item description (preferably more than once). Short of actually paying for a sponsered link these combined re-iterations of your search word i.e. 'Shelley' will raise you towards the top of the Search Engines. The importance of the search engine rank can not be underistimated for your Ebay Sales.

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