Advice For Sellers : The Customer Is Not Always Right

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One of the greatest injustices of polite society to be unleashed upon the world is five words long:

“The customer is always right.”

This idea that the customer is always right has created a trend of mistreatment and abuse of businesses worldwide, especially for online businesses.  With a marketplace as vast as the internet, small businesses are often stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to pleasing the customer, providing good value, and not being taken advantage of.  The fact is, the customer isn’t always right, and instead of taking responsibility of that fact, they often threaten to leave negative feedback in an anonymous forum if they don’t get their way – even if the business is 100% in the right.  This type of behavior has become rampant and borders on blackmail.  Below, we have compiled a small list of reasons why the online customer is not always right.

    That the  customer doesn’t always read  your item description or any attention to detail, both on behalf of the business and on behalf of the customer. Before placing any orders, the customer is almost always prompted to make sure that they have read the description totally and have a full understanding of what they ordered and how it is being shipped to them.

    The customer doesn’t always ask questions.  If you were in a brick and mortar shop and had some questions about your purchase, it is very likely that you would ask an employee. Often, online customers often don’t ask questions they might have, and then get angry when they didn’t purchase what they had intended.

    The customer sometimes forgets that there are humans on the other side of the screen  Yes, you might be entering your order into a soulless machine, but the person who is receiving that order is a flesh and blood human being with feelings and a desire to make sure you’re satisfied.  No one goes into business with the idea that they are going to provide poor customer service or not provide a quality product.  The businesses are often eager to make sure their customer is happy, and are not at all deserving of some of the verbal abuse that they receive.

    The customer sometimes forgets that mistakes can happen  With the above in mind, it is important to remember that as humans, we all make mistakes.  You get more flies with honey than vinegar, and working together to fix a problem always leads to a happier outcome.

    The customer doesn’t always accept their mistakes  Whether they ordered the wrong item, misread the shipping and handling time, didn’t read the return policy, or any other massive list of mistakes that could be made, the customer doesn’t always own up to their responsibility in the transaction not going the way that it should.

The fact is that relying on the fact that the customer is always right has lead to some downright poor behavior.  Here are a few things to remember to be a good citizen of the world, a happy customer, and continue a positive relationship with your online retailer.

    -Ask questions before leaving negative feedback.
   - Read the descriptions carefully.
    -Understand how long the shipping will take.
    -If a problem arises, don’t “shout first, ask questions last”.  

We all have a responsibility to treat each other as we would want to be treated.  The business will do its best to provide the best service possible to a customer, but the customer also needs to do his or her best to be fair to the business.

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