Advice On Children's Toys

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Everything You Need To Know

Child experts are agreed on one thing which is that toys play a hugely important role in babies' development.

It goes beyond just having fun – all that playing, laughing, stacking and banging is in fact building imaginations.

Toys for all age brackets can be built from various shops such as Argos, Kiddiecare, and Mama's And Papas's.

Brands can include Fisher Price, Lego, and V Tech.

0-6 Months

At an early age, babies will follow moving objects with their eyes and ears.

Perfect toys for newborns include :

* Musical toys

* Playgyms

* Rattles

6-12 Months

At this age, your baby will become more mobile and will like to play with favourite toys.

Perfect toys for this age include :

* Books

* Building blocks

* Dolls and teddies

12-24 Months

At this age, your baby has become a toddler and will enjoy talking and expressing themselves. They will start to climb and jump.

Perfect toys for this age include :

* Balls

* Construction toys

* Ride ons


Pre-school children will be into games that teach them numbers and letters, so that they can prepare themselves for when they start school.

Perfect toys for this age include :

* Books

* Outdoor toys

* Games 

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