Advice on Liars who state Item Not Received.

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A item no matter what size or cost is never guaranteed to be delivered by Royal Mail even if you send it recorded delivery! As soon as you pass it over to Post Office Counters Ltd., it can go to the Moon and there really is nothing you can do or prove unless you keep all relevant paperwork however small. You may think when your item has been scanned at the Post Office they have a record of it NO! NO! NO! as soon as it it scanned it becomes Royal Mail's responsibility so if you were to give the time and second it was scanned! Zip, Nada diddley Squat! Nothing is recorded. The only proof is the little slip of paper easily lost/defaced.
So? you may think, I sent it recorded so surely Royal Mail have the record? NO! NO! NO! they cannot trace a SATURN ROCKET without the transaction code on the little slip of paper easily lost or defaced, even if you try contacting the sorting office to ask where your SATURN ROCKET IS? you will either be stressed with the boring answering machine or directed to the incompetent children who pass you from pillar to Post (Sorry for pun)
You have put your FULL NAME AND ADDRESS on the rear of the parcel! please remember these people are so busy losing SATURN ROCKETS and maybe  ROUTEMASTER BUSES they don't have the intelligence to look on the rear or return your item it goes into CYBERSPACE with all the other SATURN ROCKETS, ROUTEMASTER BUSES AND MATCHBOX SIZED ITEMS.
Finally if you want to fall foul of unscrupeuolous eBay thieves who state ITEM NOT RECEIVED and lie like heathens! and then give NEGATIVE FEEDBACK,
Your genuine Honest transaction MUST HAVE FULL RECEIPTS, DON'T TRUST POST OFFICE COUNTERS LTD OR ROYAL MAIL and keep every scrap of proof because they are out there THIEVES AND LIAR'S.
Paul 'W'
Onyer~EDSon(:0) {~><

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