Advice on buying gig tickets

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Be careful when buying tickets! These are a few things to consider. Tickets are sold by the promoters many months before the actual date of the gig. As a result it can be many months after winning the auction that the tickets would be dispatched by the seller.

Therefore you want a seller with a long term track record. You do not want a seller who has only been on ebay a month or two. Also be careful of feedback that have been established quickly. Look at the items they have either bought or preferably sold. Are they buying 1p auctions or selling 1p items to their friends?

Finally consider your method of payment. Paypal seems an obvious choice however if you want to have paypal's buyer protection you will also need to make sure you follow their rules. They expect you to raise a claim within 45 days of payment if the goods don't turn up. As was discussed it can be many months before the tickets would normally be sent so your 45 days may have expired before you can even raise the claim. As a result paypal may not be best. Other methods of payment may gain you valuable information about the seller including their home address or bank details. Using paypal you may only ever know their email address and if they stop responding to emails you will find little help from ebay as they will tell you that the information can't be provided due to data protection laws.

Soon after winning an auction, request the buyers contact info via This link The information provided should include a telephone number, if it doesn't get one from the seller and CHECK IT before parting with any money. ebay can be a great place to pick up cheap tickets or ones that are hard to come by, just make sure you follow some basic guidelines and you'll attend some great gigs.
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