Advice on selling clothes on ebay

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If you're new to selling on ebay, I would recommend reading other listings of similar items to what you intend to sell before you begin writing your listing.  My advice on key information to include when you list a clothing item is:

- Size of the item which is labelled on the clothing TAG (in the absence of an exact size, state what size you are and whether the item was big/small/perfect for your own size)

- If you're selling TROUSERS, it is vital that you state the leg length as well as whether the trousers are 10/12/14 etc.  Otherwise you'll only get buyers emailing you to ask or in a worse-case scenario, a buyer that buys the trousers but then complains because they don't fit correctly and claim it's your fault because you didn't state.  (Yes, you could argue they didn't ask either - but for your feedback sake....the buyer is always right!)

- If you're selling SHOES, take 2 or 3 pictures of the shoes particularly if they are used.  Shoes have more wear than other clothing items and all marks, scuffs etc need to be outlined and it helps to add pictures of them.

- Have an ebay "blurb" of your terms and conditions.  Posh as it sounds, it will save you in the long run dealing with buyers that buy an item but then claim you didn't describe it properly and then go looking for their money back or leave you bad feedback. So state things like "please ask me questions before you bid"/"if you're international please contact me for shipping costs"/"I only post on X day"/"I don't accept returns as all items are sold and described to the best of my ability" etc.

- Most of all - be POLITE in your pays to sound nice when you list an item, as a buyer myself I have more faith in sellers that are honest about why they are selling an item and seem pleasant.  After all, a buyer wants a pleasant, smooth transaction!!

Hope this helps!


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