Advice on spotting GHD Fakes on Ebay and other sites

Like if this guide is helpful
Hi, I know there are plenty of guides etc about identifying fake GHDs. Some of which are helpful and some not so.

I thought I would throw my opinions in the mix as someone who has had dealings with Fake GHDs in the past.

I like everyone probably reading this likes a bargain (or two :P)

Firstly I agree with what all the others have said and that is - If its too cheap its likely to be fake! Its a fact. Even those that want a quick sale will still not sell these below £60.
At the time of writing this 12.11.09 the cheapest you could officially buy the GHD Mark IV (4) is £89.95. The Pure or Dark sets are £130 but are now discontinued so you would be getting the remaining stock.

Go to and they list authorised online retailers. Shop around on the provided sites as they all have dfferent prices and package options. I managed to get mine for £89.95, which included next day delivery and a heat mat.
There is also a list of non authorised retailers listed on the site, these are sites claiming to be authorised as they have ghd somewhere in their web address. Again their prices are significantly cheaper (comparable to ebay etc). According to GHD it is not posible to buy GHDs for less than £70 (This is at wholesale), however these sites are selling them for around £50

In my opinion the reason there are so many fakes around is due to the ease of buying them from Chinese trade websites. They are currently being sold for as little as £25 which includes shipping. they may look similar and straighten your hair, but they could be dangerous as there would be no quality control on these items.

If you decide to take the risk and buy from a non authorised seller (there are people out there genuinely selling GHDs they dont want) then ask for actual photos of the item!
Do not entertain the promo images etc that many of the Fake GHD sellers use.
If they are genuine they will provide some close up pictures of the craftsmanship of the genuine GHDs.

1) If it states it was made in china then they are fake. (You can usually see this on the plug)
2) The new GHDs emit a bleep when they reach correct temperauture. Fakes will either not do this or bleep too early
3) Check the booklet. Read the first 1 or 2 pages. If there are any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors then it is fake. One example I have come across is the miss spelling of styler, they had typed styKer on one or two occasions.
4) There will be an authentication code on the label attached to the wire, register this on If you get an error, ring them! They can then check on their systems directly
5) As briefly mentioned above check the handy work. It will be very apparent that they are not legit by how they look. They will often have poor jointing or blemishes in areas there shouldnt be on a new product.

In reality you might save £10 -£15 not buying a genuine GHD straightener. Is it really worth the hassle and safety risk???

I hope you found this useful. If so please rate it

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