Advise on buying reclaimed timber

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I have been involved with reclaimed timber for the past 40years or so and I am still passionate about it,but to be honest it is one of those fields that is riddled with fringe element 'quick-buckers' , hoodwinkers and people who know nothing about timber and don't care,il try and mention a few key points but there are to many to list, most of it is just common sense just use your head and always inspect every length of timber individually on both sides and if you ever buy any with a little woodworm you must treat it before it goes any where your project or house and if the guy says it has been treated do it again   When you get home just in case. I used to occasionally study woods worms which I kept in various bottles and jars they are small maggot like things any easily spotted by the naked eye once you have seen one  and they can spread  so you must treat, always have a couple of good tape measures with you and pencil and paper, then do yours sums slowly don't rush because there are a lot of sellers out there who "loosely measure" and the number of linear foot they equate to a sq yard or metre can vary quite a lot sometimes to your benefit but more often not,also look for split ends these should be deducted I could go on forever but if you are really stuck or undecided on something I would be happy to offer free advice if you want to ring or email me, I'm much prompter with phone calls , GLEN07500-651-929. Or   ,I hope that I have been of some help
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