Aerobed Repair

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Aerobed Repair

When homeowners or renters expect overnight guests, they need comfortable spaces for their visitors to sleep. In some situations, the hosts may not have enough spare rooms or spare beds for everyone. An Aerobed is the ideal substitute for a regular bed or a sleeper sofa. In fact, in many cases it may prove even more comfortable. Because it is inflatable, an Aerobed is easy to carry on a trip or store in a closet at home. From time to time, an Aerobed may leak or suffer other damage. Rather than replacing the bed, an owner can save money by repairing it at home using supplies that are readily available on eBay, in eBay Shops, or in retail stores.

Check the Seals

Because Aerobeds are portable, comfortable, and durable, some people use them regularly as replacements for standard mattresses. If owners suspect leaks in their Aerobeds, they must locate the holes and patch them properly. In some cases, a leak is an obvious tear or puncture in the Aerobed's material. In other situations, a leak may be a tiny pinhole where air gradually seeps out. Owners should check the areas around the valves and seals first because those parts endure the most stress from regular use. If the leak does not appear to be near the seals, owners should conduct a comprehensive test to find the source of the problem.

Use a Spray Test

Before spray testing an Aerobed, a user must fill it with air. Then he or she should wash out a spray bottle, fill it with clean water, and put in two or three drops of dishwashing liquid. Beginning at the seams of the bed, the owner should spray the Aerobed's surface evenly with the detergent and water mixture. It is not necessary to drench the Aerobed with the water; a light spray is sufficient. The owner should continue spraying, working from the outer edges toward the centre, until small bubbles form on a section of the Aerobed. These bubbles indicate a spot where air is escaping from the mattress.

Mark the Leaks

Once owners find leaks, some may want to stop testing and fix the leaks immediately. However, they should consider the possibility of multiple leaks. It is best to mark the first leak with a bit of coloured tape and then continue spraying the entire surface of the Aerobed. Owners can mark other leaks with more small pieces of coloured tape.

Obtain a Patch

Some Aerobeds come with patch kits. If owners do not have these kits, they either have to order kits or make them. A homemade patch works best if it is made of a tough, waterproof, airtight material like pool or pond lining or a shower curtain liner. Owners should cut the patches large enough to extend well beyond the edges of the leaky areas. They may want to trim the corners into a rounded shape to minimise the risk of the patches peeling and snagging. The patches in patch kits typically come with rounded edges.

Apply Sealant

Most patch kits for Aerobeds and similar air mattresses include some type of sealant. This glue-like substance closes the hole, while the patch covers it and provides a smooth, protective surface to reinforce the area. Before applying sealant to the rip or puncture in the Aerobed, an owner should wipe down that section of the mattress with a towel to make sure it is dry. Then he or she applies a generous portion of sealant to the bottom of the patch and presses the patch down on the hole.

Exert Pressure

For this step, owners must exert pressure on the patches while the sealant sets. However, they should be careful not to push too forcefully. Too much pressure makes the sealant squeeze out around the edges of the patch, limiting its bonding capacity and its long-term effectiveness sealing the hole.

Let the Sealant Dry

After a few minutes, the patch begins to set in place. Users should smooth the edges down with their fingers and apply a little more sealant if needed. The drying time for the patch and sealant varies, depending on the manufacturer of the patch kit. Buyers should check the instructions in the kits to determine how long they need to wait. They must ensure the sealant is completely dry before using their mattresses, or the leaks could open again.

How to Buy Supplies for Aerobed Repair on eBay

When your Aerobed starts to leak, consider repairing it instead of rushing out to buy a new one. On eBay, you can order a patch kit or other supplies to seal the leak. Search for "Aerobed patch kit" using the search bar located on any page on the eBay website. As you consider the available listings, you may want to prioritise top-rated sellers with high feedback scores from their previous clients. Once you select supplies that meet your needs, follow the steps to patch your Aerobed and render it serviceable once again. With this simple, at-home repair, you can save a significant amount of money and lengthen the lifespan of your Aerobed.

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