Affordable Chargers for Your Spare Mobile Phone Batteries

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How to Be Frugal with Affordable Chargers for Your Spare Mobile Phone Batteries

Mobile phones batteries run down fairly quickly, depending on the functions the phone is being used for. High battery draining functions like streaming video over the Internet or playing graphically powerful games will run the battery dry quite fast, meaning it is important to be able to charge mobile phone batteries in a variety of situations: such as in the home, at work, while driving, and while on the move. This is where spare batteries and battery chargers come in. In addition, spare batteries can also be charged via a regular phone charger as well.

About Mobile Phone Battery Chargers

Mobile phone battery chargers come in a massive range of makes and models, all made by a variety of different manufacturers, both official and third party. They can be made to work specifically with certain types of batteries, such as Li-Ion or Li-Poly batteries, or can be universal, and thus work with a range of different batteries all made for different mobile phones. In addition, many of these chargers come with both plug connectors to be charged off of the mains, and USB connectors so that they can be plugged into desktop and laptop computers. Others can also be connected to the cigarette lighter port in cars, allowing them to draw energy from the car's battery.

About Mobile Phone Chargers

A battery charger requires that the battery is taken out of the phone and connected with the charger. This charger then draws electricity from the mains, the computer, or the car battery, depending on where it is being used. With regular mobile phone chargers, however, the battery is left inside the phone. This is the most common option when recharging mobile phone batteries. Regular phone chargers are, therefore, made in a huge range of models. Some of these are specifically used with certain mobile phone brands, while others are universal. Phone manufacturers tend to create specialised chargers to work with their phones: a Samsung charger, for example, may only work with Samsung phones, and not others. Like battery chargers, these chargers can also be plugged into the mains, into cars and into computers. Moreover, they can draw energy from solar power, and manpower as well in the form of solar chargers and hand crank chargers.

Being Frugal with Spare Battery Chargers

Mobile battery chargers will range in price depending on the manufacturer and the features they come with. In order to save as much money as possible, consider these options:

Buy a Universal Charger

Anyone who wants to charge a variety of different batteries will do well to buy a universal charger, rather than getting them separately. Universal battery chargers will generally work with all mobile phone batteries, as well as other devices like digital cameras and camcorders. In addition, if there are several different types of phones being used in a household, a universal charger can be used with all of them.

Buy Bundles

Many online retailers allow shoppers to save money by buying a variety of different products together, rather than separately. So, anyone looking for a mains charger, a car charger, and a portable charger may want to take a look at the option of getting these all from the same retailer, and all at the same time. The initial investment may seem high, but this will invariably be cheaper than buying each charger on its own.

Compare Prices

Comparing prices is essential for anyone with aspirations of finding the best deals. Different retailers will run sales and offer discounts at different times, so it's important to check a variety of different sellers to see which ones are most affordable. With thousands of potential products to buy, this is a sure-fire way of uncovering chargers that will lead to savings.

Buy non-OEM Chargers

Mobile phone battery chargers will come in two major forms - OEM and non-OEM. OEM stands for 'Official Equipment Manufacturer', and means that the product is made by the same manufacturer that made the phone. These are generally large, well known, and well respected manufacturers who offer high quality products, all backed up with warranties and guarantees. This gives the consumer a great deal of peace of mind knowing that the charger will work effectively. However, the downside is that they are more expensive. As an alternative, therefore, it is sensible to consider buying non-OEM instead. These chargers will be made by third party manufacturers to work with a variety of different batteries. While their quality can vary, they are invariably cheaper. As such, shopping around and looking for high quality non-OEM chargers will not only provide a comparable product, but will do so at a cheaper price. Just be sure to take time to read customer reviews and look at product ratings to make sure that the charger itself is highly regarded before buying.

Buy Refurbished Chargers

Another option is to go for refurbished chargers. These are either manufacturer or seller refurbished, and will range in quality depending on the condition of the original product, and the quality of the refurbishment. Often refurbished products have barely been used themselves, and are therefore just as good as brand new products. Many of these will have been returned to the manufacturer or seller with little or no defects, and will only be sold on once they have been brought right back to specification. They will, however, be sold at cheaper prices than brand new chargers.

Buy Used Chargers

Alternatively, buy used chargers. Smaller sellers and individuals will sell goods that they don't want online. This could be because they no longer have use for them or because they were unwanted goods. In many cases, they can be in great condition, but will invariably be sold at much lower prices. If buying via a bidding format, it is also possible to get serious bargains when competition is minimal.

Using Online Resources to Buy Battery Chargers

To save money, there is no better place to shop than eBay. This is simply due to the fact that each of the above points of advice can easily be achieved by shopping for chargers via this online marketplace. On eBay it is possible to find both non-OEM, refurbished, and used chargers, and comparing prices and features is made extremely simple as well. In addition to this, comparing sellers is also made easy by eBays rating system: this allows each customer to give sellers either positive or negative ratings, and then collates them all to give a score out of 100. Large sellers who sell hundreds, or even thousands of products per month will, therefore, have generated a massive catalogue of feedback that any potential customer can tap into. As such, sellers that have ratings in the high 90s can be thought of as reliable, and will generally sell high quality products.


Having a spare battery is a great idea for those who tend to run their batteries down quickly, and rely on them for work and personal use. In addition, they can be lifesavers if a regular battery suddenly fails, leaks, or burns out. To save money when buying chargers for them, use eBay, and in particular shop for non-OEM, refurbished, and even used chargers.

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