Affordable Me to You Bears Buying Guide

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Affordable Me to You Bears Buying Guide

Bears always make a wonderful present for a loved one, but often a small bear doesn’t quite say enough. Me to You Bears provide a wide range of bears with loving messages and wonderful themes to suit any present or occasion.

Whether the buyer is looking for a sweet present for a newly married couple, or a loving present for a family member’s birthday, affordable Me to You Bears can be found on eBay with this useful guide.

Types of Me to You Bears Available on eBay

  • The main character of Me to You bears is Tatty Teddy, a small bear with a grey coat and blue nose. This style of bear is the most popular and recognisable of the Me to You Bear range. As the story goes, Tatty Teddy is different from other teddies because he was left out in the cold where his nose turned blue and his fur grey.
  • The trademark style of Me to You bears and toys are the small patches of fabric on the bear’s head and stomach as well as the blue coloured nose. More recent designs of bears may not have grey fur or blue noses but are still recognisable as Me to Your Bears.
  • There is a huge range of Me to You bears available on eBay, the following table breaks down what is available:

Me to Your Bear Product



These are soft toys which come in a variety of styles and options, such as with clothes, or holding small messages. The toys come in a range of sizes from small (10 inches) to extra-large (36 inches). There are some very large models of plush toy as tall at a person, but these listings will be quite rare.


Many figurines are now discontinued but can be found easily through eBay. These can be for any type of occasion and come in a range of themes.

Jointed Bears

These are similar to the plush type of bears but they are jointed at the arms and legs like a traditional teddy bear.


These bears come with little messages on them, from carrying little hearts saying ‘I love you’ to wearing jumpers saying ‘Happy birthday!’

  • Bears which still have all their tags attached and packaging (where applicable) are highly sort after collector’s items. It is however worth researching to find out which ones are collectable items before making a purchase. If the buyer is simply buying an affordable Me to You Bear for recreational use, then looking for pristine conditioned bears is not a vital factor.

Advantages to Buying Affordable Me to You Bears on eBay

Me to You Bears are very popular toys and presents, and buying them through eBay offers a number of advantages. eBay also features many top rated sellers who are reputable and have good feedback from other buyers. Such sellers will specialise in toys like plush Me to You bears and it is advisable that if looking for a certain item the buyer should not hesitate to contact the seller.

  • If the buyer is a collector, they can track down unusual or rare Me to You Bears with simple search terms.
  • Buyers can opt to buy Me to You bears in a used condition which means great savings all around.
  • eBay’s worldwide reputation as one of most popular auction sites means that many sellers will choose to sell their Me to You bears on eBay and not through other sites.
  • Buyer can rate sellers on their transactions and therefore help other buyers be confident in their choice of seller.

How to Buy Affordable Me to You Bears on eBay

The buyer should start their search on the eBay homepage: From there, the buyer can use keyword searches to find a variety of listings. The buyer could start with ‘Me to You Bear’ which will be a general search and bring up listings of various conditions. The buyer could start a search with ‘Me to You Tatty Teddy’ if they are after main characters of the Me to You brand. As mentioned above the range of bears in the Me to You brand is vast. A buyer may wish to search for the following:

  • Me to You -My Blue Nosed Friends- these are the expanded range of Me to You plush toys who are friends with Tatty Teddy.  A buyer could search for a specific animal such as a Duck or Rabbit.
  • Sized Bears: the buyer may be after a certain size Me to You Bear so they can search for the following: Small Me to You Bear, Medium Me to You Bear, or Large Me to You Bear
  • Themed Bears: Me to You Bears come in wide range of themes such as wedding to birthdays and anniversaries. Birthday Me to You Bears, ‘I love You Me to You Bear’.
  • Rare Bears: Many Me to You Bears will be rare collector’s items either due to the amount that were made or if the design has been designed by a famous artist. To find this type of listings search for ‘Rare Me to You Bear’ or One of Kind Me to You Bear.

The buyer can also use the categories option for searching for affordable Me to You Bears. If they select the Dolls & Bears portal on the eBay homepage they can then select the Bears option and then select the Brand- Me to You. From there it is the buyer’s personal preference of what is ‘affordable’, but eBay can help reduce the range of listings by the use of the Price Filter. The buyer can put a minimum to maximum value of their choice. For example they could put a range of £0.99 to £9.99. A useful tip is to look out for listings that start at £0.99 as these will be wonderful bargains.

If buying a used Me to You Bear the buyer may wish to consider a few aspects:

  • Condition of the item: Has the toy been well used or is it in ‘mint’ condition?
  • Packaging:  Is the packaging of the item intact? This will add to the item’s value if it is perfect.
  • Is it a bundle of items? It is common with used Me to You bears for the seller to offer a large bundle of bears. The buyer may be only after a certain bear so they must ask themselves is it worth paying the extra to get one particular bear? Bundles however offer great value for money on many bears but the buyer should read the description carefully to see what is in the bundle.

The buyer should look at the seller carefully before putting a bid down or purchasing the item. They will want to look closely at the seller’s feedback. Is it mostly positive, and if there is any negative feedback? If only small margins of comments are negative then it is up to the buyer’s judgment to buy from that particular seller.

The way to buy through eBay is done through two main ways, ‘Auction and ‘Buy It Now’. The bidding system is eBay’s most popular way to buy items as it allows the users to enter the price they wish to pay for the item. Affordable Me to Your Bears can be bought using the bidding option but the buyer will need to consider that someone else may outbid them and win the item. Using PayPal to pay for the item is advised as eBay will offer protection for the buyer should anything go wrong.

How to Look After a Me to You Bear

Once the buyer has their desired bear safe and sound at home, it is only a small matter of keeping their bear in top condition:

  • If the bear is simply a little dusty then spray with water and wipe the area carefully with a clean, soft towel. Leave to dry in a warm place but not over a direct heat source.
  • For bears that are more stained or not smelling fresh, the best option is to hand wash the bear. Fill a container with hot but not boiling water and add some gentle washing detergent with a drop of fabric softener. Place the bear into the water and gently squeeze the affected area. Avoid rubbing the bear too hard as this may distort the stuffing in the bear.
  • Once the bear has been gently washed and the extra water has been carefully squeezed out, a large dry towel can be used to remove any excess water by squeezing the bear in it a few times. The bear should be left in a warm, dry place but not under a direct heat source.


  • Me to You Bears are a wonderful addition to anyone’s home. The sweetness of Tatty Teddy and friends are hard to resist and make perfect presents for the special someone.
  • The range of Me to You Bears is vast and selecting one that is affordable and what the buyer wants can seem difficult, but with eBay that choice is. If the buyer wants to say happy birthday to a loved one without breaking the bank, then all they have to do is look for their perfect affordable Me to You Bear on eBay.
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