Affordable Ultra Wide-angle, even in DX / EF-S Format!

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This ultra wide-angle zoom lens for digital SLR cameras, with the first-ever focal length range of 10-24mm-the 35mm equivalent of 15mm/Nikon - 16mm/Canon ultra wide-angle to 36mm/Nikon - 37mm/Canon semi-wide-angle-is a perfect tool for creating dramatic landscape, cityscape,a nd seascape imagery. At the ultra wide-angle setting, you'll be able to capture vistas beyond what the eye can see. At the semi-wide-angle setting, you'll capture scenes with angles of view almost as spectacular.

There are 2 Types of mount for this lens, including:
Canon(C-AF) ,

Click Here for More Information on:
Tamron 10-24mm for Nikon / Canon

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