Aftermarket Motorcycle Fairings Buying Guide

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Aftermarket Motorcycle Fairings Buying Guide

A motorcycle is a typically two-wheeled, motorized vehicle designed to transport one or two people at a time. People buy motorcycles for many different reasons. Some like the thrill and sense of adventure that being on a motorcycle provides, some prefer them for easy commuting and ease of finding a parking a spot, and others like the affordability of a motorcycle compared with a larger vehicle. One way a motorcycle can be more affordable than a different type of vehicle is that they are very fuel efficient. This fuel efficiency is increased by adding an aftermarket motorcycle fairing. A motorcycle fairing is a shell that covers a motorcycle in order to reduce air-drag and therefore make the motorcycle more aerodynamic.

Learning about the history of motorcycle fairings and the reasons a person might choose an aftermarket motorcycle fairing, along with the different varieties offered helps a person make an informed decision and feel confident in their ability to choose the right aftermarket motorcycle fairing for their individual needs. Motorcycle fairings can be bought at many different online retailers, and even local mechanics or auto parts stores that carry motorcycle parts and accessories. However, the place with the most variety and ease of searching is eBay Motors. In addition to knowing the styles and varieties of motorcycle fairings, and the reasons one would purchase an aftermarket motorcycle fairing, understanding how to search for and purchase aftermarket fairings on eBay is another important step in making a wise investment for one's motorcycle.

A History of Motorcycle Fairings

Since the early 20th century, motorcycle enthusiasts have realised how important streamlining is in the aerodynamics of a motorcycle, particularly for racing. The term 'fairing' originated in the aircraft industry but soon made it's way into the motorcycle vocabulary. Original fairings started out small, with just handlebar coverings, but proved unstable. Eventually the designs evolved, with the first factory installed fairing being installed on a BMW R100RS in 1976. Since then the designs have been modified even more, and now fairings are not just for racing motorcycles. While they do serve an important purpose in racing, they also provide benefits to those who have motorcycles for everyday or recreational use.

Purpose of Motorcycle Fairings

Motorcycle fairings reduce air-drag on a motorcycle, allowing them to be as efficient as possible while racing. Adding different types of fairings to a motorcycle allows the operator to customise the motorcycle to the specifications they prefer to give them the best advantage in a race. For motorcycle owners who do not race their motorcycles, fairings are still beneficial. They help the user get the maximum fuel efficiency from their vehicle, and also provide endless options for enhancing the cosmetic appearance of the motorcycle. Windshield style motorcycle fairings also help to protect the driver, by shielding them from airborne hazards and protecting them from high wind speeds and colder temperatures.

Because aftermarket motorcycle fairings increase the attractiveness of a motorcycle, they can also add value to the motorcycle. This can be a big benefit in the event that the motorcycle is sold. Fairings come in a large variety of paint colours and designs, providing almost endless options for customisation. In addition to being sold in many different colours, it is also possible for a person to paint their own aftermarket motorcycle fairing. This allows for an even greater variety of customisation options. A person can choose their own paint colour or several different colours, and create a design that is meaningful to them, resulting in a unique and attractive motorcycle.

Benefits of Aftermarket Motorcycle Fairings

In addition to the above benefits of motorcycle fairings, another important benefit is that the motorcycle fairings provide protection to the body of the motorcycle. Because they are made of hard, rigid materials, the motorcycle fairings provide a barrier for the engine and other components of the motorcycle in the event that the motorcycle were to fall over or be involved in a wreck. This can be money-saving because the fairing can easily be replaced and one potentially avoids costly repairs to the body and frame of the motorcycle itself. Certain types of motorcycle fairings, such as those that include a windshield or windscreen, provide protection and added comfort for the driver. They help to shield the driver from wind and wind-borne objects and provide a more pleasant riding experience. The windshields also provide a measure of protection for the driver in the event of an accident.

Types and Characteristics of Motorcycle Fairings

There are several different varieties of fairings for motorcycles. These different styles include streamliner fairings, dustbin fairings, dolphin style fairings, full fairings, half fairings, a quarter fairing option, and a belly pan fairing. Each type of fairing has it's own distinct style and purpose.

Style of Motorcycle Fairing

Notable Features

Streamliner Fairing

A full fairing which covers the entire body of a racing motorcycle for lowest wind resistance maximum speed

Dustbin Fairing

A single-piece shell which covered the entire front half of the motorcycle; was very effective at reducing wind resistance, but was banned in 1958 due to causing severe instability

Dolphin Style Fairing

Has a front wheel guard cover and a windshield

Full Fairing

Covers both the top and bottom portion of the motorcycle

Half Fairing

Covers the top half of the motorcycle, leaving the bottom half exposed

Quarter Fairing

Usually provides only a windshield, which protects the driver from air-borne hazards and windchill

Belly Pan Fairing

Covers the underside of the engine. Protects this area and diverts airflow away from the engine; decreases wind drag and improves aerodynamics

Although there are many different varieties of aftermarket motorcycle fairings, there are three main materials that the fairings are made of: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic, fiberglass, and carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer. ABS plastic is used because it is a strong, durable plastic. However, ABS plastic is not as light as fiberglass or carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer. A benefit of fiberglass fairings is that they are easy to repair by adding new layers of fiberglass over the damaged parts. This is less costly than replacing the entire fairing in the event of damage. Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer fairings are the more expensive of the three materials, but they are also the lightest, making them a good option for racing motorcycles.

In addition, some aftermarket motorcycle fairings are made out of chrome. An advantage of chrome fairings is that they can be more easily customised to the individuals personal taste. Chrome motorcycle fairings also help prevent heat from reaching the engine of the motorcycle, which can be a big benefit on hot, summer days. All these different materials for aftermarket motorcycle fairings either come pre-made in a large variety of different colours, or they can be painted after purchase in whatever colours the buyer chooses.

Shopping on eBay Motors for Aftermarket Motorcycle Fairings

After reviewing different options for aftermarket motorcycle fairings and deciding to purchase your own, one of the easiest places to search and find a multitude of options is eBay Motors, which has a variety of aftermarket motorcycle fairings to fit a person's individual needs, whether that be cosmetic, speed, or fuel efficiency. For a general list of aftermarket motorcycle fairings for sale on eBay Motors, type "Motorcycle Fairings" or "Aftermarket Motorcycle Fairings" into the search engine on every eBay or eBay Motors page. For a more specific results listing, use search terms such as "Motorcycle Half Fairing" or "Motorcycle Full Fairing." Aftermarket fairings for specific makes and models of motorcycles are found by using search terms such as "Harley Motorcycle Fairing" or "2005 Honda Motorcycle Fairing."

It is important to examine all pictures of an item posted by a seller and the item's description should be read thoroughly to obtain important information about the item, including the condition, price, and make and models that the aftermarket motorcycle fairing fits. This helps ensure that the fairing meets the standards of the buyer and is compatible with the buyer's motorcycle. It is also important to look at a seller's rating and feedback. Reading feedback left by previous buyers helps ensure a seller's trustworthiness and provides a more comfortable buying experience. It increases the chances that the buyer feels satisfaction with their purchase and has a great experience with eBay Motors.


Aftermarket Motorcycle Fairings do not just add to the cosmetic appearance of a motorcycle, they also serve an important purpose. Whether needing to be more aerodynamic to achieve high-speeds in racing, or for those wanting their motorcycles to be even more fuel efficient, aftermarket motorcycle fairings help to achieve that goal. They divert airflow in a way that increases speed as well as fuel efficiency. The motorcycle fairings come in a variety of styles and materials, covering small sections of a motorcycle or the entire motorcycle. They also come in a large variety of colours and designs, allowing the owner to more uniquely customise their motorcycle. The aftermarket motorcycle fairings can be bought in a specific colour that the buyer prefers, or the buyer can buy an aftermarket fairing and do the painting themselves.

In addition, motorcycle fairings provide an added barrier of protection for the motorcycle's engine and frame, helping to decrease the damage in the event of an accident. This protects the value of the motorcycle as well. It also helps to protect the driver of the motorcycle. The added fuel efficiency and cosmetic upgrades that the aftermarket motorcycle fairings provides are of benefit to the rider of the motorcycle and even add to the value of the motorcycle. A person can find aftermarket motorcycle fairings that provide all these features, and are suited to their individual needs, on eBay Motors.

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