Age Of Empires 1

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Age Of Empires 1
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Age Of Empires 1

Age Of Empires (AOE) is one of those games that will always be remembered for decades to come. It was and still is perfect in every way

AOE is a Real Time Strategy game (RTS) in which you play a nation that’s main goal is to overpower other nations in a bid to secure the land and rise to be the best ruler of the land.

In most scenarios and games you start the game with minimal units. Often just villagers. Villagers are the key to the game as they do all the labour of gathering food, wood, goal and stone. They also build and are great for just exploring places, as they are easy to replace.

You can play over 12 nations in the game such as the Romans, Persians and Babylonian etc. The game details are very complex when you’re trying to type it out, but once you start playing there is a nice steady learning curve.

You can start by playing scenarios, pre-made by the creators which basically involve killing the other people or rescuing someone. These are interesting but can become a bit tedious and repetitive after a while.

There is also a nice online option, sadly now almost obsolete due to the age of the game. But you can quite happily play with friends over a network, or internet. There is no chance though of randomly finding someone else to play with.

What I enjoy the most about AOE is the multiplayer games and playing against the AI. Admittedly the AI is dated in comparison to today’s standards, but they are still very wise.
Examples: The enemy may start to attack with a few horse archers, but you haven’t got any yet so you send across a few phalanxes to sort them out. They may be stronger but they are slower. The horse archers will keep firing, and when phalanx get close, the AI pulls them away a bit so they are in range and keep firing.
Solution: Archers of your own, something faster or a Catapult (horses don’t like big balls of flaming rock.)

As I said above your aim to build the most powerful army and “base” as you can and then wipe the rest out. You begin with villagers who gather resources in which you can get more villagers. Who in turn can then build buildings that will enable you train fighting units, upgrade technologies and advance to the next age. EG Iron Age – Bronze Age.
The higher you advance the more powerful your army is, the more buildings you get and the more chance you have at winning.

There are some very cool units in the game such as:
Ships that spray fire?!

All in all it’s a top notch game that will provide you with hours of enjoyment!

The game works on older systems too, including XP and may also work on VISTA!

If you like Strategy, but never tried this, TRY IT!

Dan The Man Scores The Game:

90 out of 100



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