Air Tickets - Ryan Air, Easyjet etc

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I use many airlines to fly all over and also fly alot with the budget no frills airlines.  I see that there are many of these flights for sale on eBay.  Please dont bother with them.......

If you purchase a cheap ticket for Ryan Air etc not only do you have topay a name change fee of £75 but you also have to pay the difference in the ticket price. For example a ticket to say Poland and back is on eBay at £20.00 and for sale with Ryan Air at £120 return you will pay £20 + the difference + the name change.  If the person selling the tickets bought at £0.01p each way then the difference will be just short of £120. Total paid for cheap tickets£215.  A rip off.  Dont fall for the cheap no frills tickets.

I have bought a few genuine tickets on eBay....... Virgin, BA, Cathay.  These are subject to name change at usually £25 or free and as they are scheduled there are no hidden extras.


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