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The first thing to remember before buying an air check is that in almost all cases the seller is simply making your life easier for you.  Most air checks are already available someplace on the 'net.  As an example, if the air check you're looking at is a US Top 40 check it will probably be on the Reel Radio site, and indeed was quite possibly originally ripped off from there, so for a mere $12 you could have 12 month's access to both the aircheck you're after and 1,999 others, if you're checking out Radio Luxembourg or Irish Radio you may well find the original of what you're looking for on the site, and if you're fancy is taken by a UK offshore radio aircheck you're in really good luck, just about every aircheck you could hope for can be found in the AnoraksUK repository.

But this is also where the sellers on Ebay can help you out.  The AnoraksUK website, for instance, is a jungle, you can search for hours to find the air check you're looking for, so if you think it's worth paying someone else to do all the hard work and supply the CD now's the time to choose your price and make your bid.

There has, of late, been a preponderance of Mp3 CDs for sale.  If you don't want an Mp3 CD make sure you check the listing carefully, sometimes it's in the small print.  It's also worth asking the seller if s/he's certain if the disc is advertised as Mp3 but only lasts for around an hour, some sellers don't seem to know the difference, although in a case like the the CD is almost certainly a copy and, contrary to popular belief, a copy of a copy of a copy will start to degrade the signal unless really high quality equipment has been used.

Finally, steer clear of goods advertised with getout clauses along the lines of  'This item is, to the best of my knowledge, in the public domain."  The copyright of a sound is not dependant upon the media it's recorded on or the protocol it's recorded with.  If you see that message, particularly in connection with old radio shows, you can be fairly certain that the recording is still in copyright, and legitimate versions are probably available.
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