Airfix 1/72 scale Short Sunderland flying boat

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I think now, that buying this vintage kit to build was a mistake. I don't regret the purchase, I just regret buying it to make it. I wanted a display model of the venerable old flying boat after seeing "Time Team" on the TV explore one that sank at its moorings in the UK. The kit just wasn't up to my expectation. I realise that you should buy old kits to keep, for nostalgia, not to make. The fusilage halfs were very difficult to match up without that telltale join line that you just don't get on modern kits. In the end I just had to admit defeat, it just didn't look good enough for display. I ended breaking it all up and scrapping the project in dismay, wishing I had just kept it as an old Airfix original kit.


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