Airline Memoribilia

Like if this guide is helpful

Like myself hundreds of people collect items from diffrent airlines , if you've started to collect this is a guide for you.

Things to consider

1. Size. Think about before buying pieces of aircraft about where you will keep it - I have had to sell some items I have bought that have not fit.

2. What are you looking for? Think about what you want there are thousands of different items connecting to airlines from cutlery to plastic bags you can buy anything from airlines.

3. Price. Some ebayers think that there airline item is worth mega bucks if you see something for buy it now 40.00 look around you might find it for only £1!

4. Condtion. Always look at the photo if there is no photo the seller will usually right it in the condtion box or in the description, if it has not got any of these dont buy! As you may find it is in tatters.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy collecting stuff from the wonderful world of avation



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