Aixam 500cc Diesel cars

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Hello and welcome to my guide for owning and running an Aixam 500c diesel eco car.

The model I owned was a 500cc twin cylinder kubota diesel engine model.

First off all it is a small car, but that be a good thing, especially if parking at your home is an issue.

People who buy these cars typically have no drivers license and because is classified as a quadricycle, people who have a full motorcycle license from before september 2001 can drive this without a car license, but if you have a car license you will have any legal issues driving it.

Positives from this car.
Fuel ecomony - 90 to 95 miles per gallon, which is impressive by any standard.
Low overall weight - makes the car easy to steer even with no power steering.
plastic bodywork - light bent and blemish proof.
Uniqeness - chances are you will be the only person you know that owns one of these.
Handling - even with eco tyres, it grips and corners beautifully, no understeer at all, fun go-kart style would describe it quite well.

Negatives about this car.
Top speed - it is 50mph, admittedly it is low but if all the roads you normally travel on are B roads and restricted A roads, this really is not an issue.
Acceleration - which is low, the only thing you can out accelerate is a fully ladened HGV.
Engine tick over noise - high with the steering wheel shaking like hell, dropped by quite a bit whilst driving.
Consumables - which are often and expensive, oils are every 3000 miles, transmission belt is every 10000 miles.
Practically - Lack of it, getting four small adults in this thing would be an issue, in reality it is a two seater.

The problem that you will encounter with this car is how other people react to you.

Personally I think these very small diesel cars will be what most people actually drive in 15 to 20 years when fuel is really expensive, but until then, your just seen as a bit of an eccentric driving one of these cars, council workers and tradesmen will mock you, don't expect too much mercy from your co-workers either.

The main problem of the car on the other hand is parts and all real running costs.
The road tax is expensive for what it is, the insurance is not great due to rarity, any replacement parts are expensive compared to most hatchbacks, the tyres are only made by Michelin and twice the price of normal tyres, even with the saving on diesel you will make, you will lose that saving in other costs, so everyday running costs are no better than a normal 3 door small engined hatchback.

I would not recommend this car for most people, unless you like spending time underneath the bonnet of your car every few thousand miles, with a manual gearbox and some engineering adjustments this would be a great little car, but for now it is just the new choice for the Robin Reliant type of driver out there.
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