Alcohollica to Teetotallica! Metallica return?

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Alcohollica to teetotallica.

Many of you will be aware of the new metallica Album that is soon to be coming out. (Who knows when they probably dont even know.)  I just want to set my mind at ease by letting others out there know about the new stuff. You may or may not of heard the newish bits and bobs on youtube and other various sites, well forget them as I surely did and try to put aside all the memory of St. Anger. I saw them on tour this year and although nearly all my faith had been trampled into the farthest depths of my psyche they played a spectacular gig and because of that I started to listen to their older stuff a bit more. Imagine my delight when a good friend pointed me to a website called! It has (although very brief) a few clips of their newer stuff and although my fingers are going white at the knuckles from crossing them so hard it sounds rather good and eerily similar to their older records.

Please let the knightmare be over. I am never going to hate them, they are still the greatest band ever in my eyes and will always be, however I want new music to listen too.

If this fails.... James I am taking you personally to the pub and getting you pissed whilst jamming a guitar, pen and paper into your hands.

Sorry for the rant, jsut wanted to get it off my chest.

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