Alexandra Davies writer and artist

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Red scarlet roses
dipped in sealing wax
grow out of my heart
red arrows
trail the blue lagoon
I love you
red poppies
creep into daylight
bend in the wind
blood of oranges
babies smiles
scarlet lips
adorn pages
of my heart
red as stories
flying arrows
an English rose

yellow sublime
streams through
capturing hearts
yellow buttercups
breaking through
paving slabs
yellow is the petals
reflecting buttercups
onto my heart
fresh as dew
candle light
eyes of flame
devouring my heart

pink ribbons
trailing the skies
tied to my heart
pink posies
thrown askew
pink tarts
Queen of hearts
lipstick smears
on crystal tears
pink as cherubs
dance in meadows

growing through cracks
in old paving slabs
Mother nature
finest charms
I bleed and sting
growing through
cracks in
old paving slabs
green no more

orange sharp
play on stages
remembering old lines
in paintings fine
blood oranges
oranges and lemons
say the bells of
St Clements
church bells

purple hearts
purple scars
loves daylight lost
purple rain
weekend lovers
violet skies
melting purple from
red to blue
is the colour of my soul

in my heart
a riot
of forget-me-knots

My name is Alexandra Davies I am an artist and writer, I have a short story published to ekindle, it is a tragic romance set in a time when war and global warming have ravaged the earth, it is called 'A Virus in the Machine', it is only 99 pence
you don't have to buy a kindle you can download an app.
It is also published on LuLu

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A Virus in the Machine

modern art
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