Algae fertilizer

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Phytoplankton fertilizer.

It has been known that corals and fish have died after using home cultured phytoplankton,

and you ask why?

Two things



  •  Algal Metabolites - Live algae produces algal metabolites that can be harmful to your animals. Concentrating the algae removes the metabolites as well as the fertilizers for growing the algae, providing a safer feed.
    • It has been heard of  using garden fertilizer or plant fertilizer as a nutrient source for phytoplankton, this is NOT recommended,even though the phytoplankton may grow using the common garden fertilizers they may contain urea of very high levels of ammonia using these as a nitrogen source. These types of fertilizer`s do not contain essential trace metals and vitamins. Also improper balance of correct nutrients nutritional value and quality of the microalgae are also a concern.Using these types of fertilizers will cause mass algae problems unwanted algae. some times leading too death of your corals and fish.

     Even using the recommended nutrients f/2 Caution should be used, wrong dosage or even harvested to soon will still leave High nutrient levels in the phytoplankton unwanted metals nitrates & phosphates still remain in the culture media. Packaged live phytoplankton like this will quickly degrade while in storage and nutritional value will be very little and useless as a feed.


    So what you may be buying is one green toxic soup!!


    Modified f/2 medium  

    2 year storage.

    f/2 medium is avaliable in our shop.

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