Alice Illustrators

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Here are illustrators for Alice in Wonderland and their first publication.

Sir John Tenniel (1866). Black and white pictures (although they have been artificially coloured later on.) Shadows.

Blanche McManus (1899) Black and white pictures. Rather an Art Nouveau design, swirling  patterns.

Peter Newell (1901) Oil painting. Dark colours

Fanny Corey (1902) Black and white line drawings with few shadows.

W H Walker (1907) Pastel shades with shadow.

Maria L Kirk (1907) Watercolours which seem blended together. Has an oval signature.

Bessie Pease Gutman (1907) Hazy oil colours.

Frank Adams (1912) Oil painting, slightly impressionistic.

Brinsley LeFanu Stead (1907) Black and white faint line drawings.

Thomas Maybank (1907) Black and white; huge patches of dark and light

Arthur Rackham (1907) Dark colours, gothic feel, strong lines.

Charles Robinson (1907) Somewhere between a mosaic and a Pre-Raphaelite picture.

Millicent Sowerby (1907) Watercolour, slightly resembles a Ladybird book.

Mabel Lucie Attwell (1910) Strong shades, button noses.

Frank Adams (1912) Oil painting, slightly impressionistic.

Honor Appleton (1936) Watercolours, resembles Ladybird book illustrations slightly

Marie Barrera (1956) Comic strip, black and white.

Alex Blum (1968) Comic strip, medium colours (or slightly dark, depending on your viewpoint)

Salvador Dali (1969) Absurdist picture, long brush strokes.

Malcolm Ashman (1990) Purply illustrations, dark rich colours

Dagmar Berkova (1992) White backgrounds, coloured line drawings

Greg Becker (2000) Watercolour, 'painty' undefined border

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