All You Want LTD (Jocktheshockerrr) BEWARE!!!

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I understand that this is the THIRD time a guide has been written with regards to this Ebay member. But Ebay still do absolutely nothing about him (yes, he's still trading!!)

I sent a postal order via recorded mail to him at the address listed on Ebay for £69.99 to buy a petrol tank. I have a photocopy of the postal order, the original recorded mail slip, and also confirmation that the envelope was signed for and the postal orders cashed (this information came from royal mail).

I recently found another member who has had the same problem with Jocktheshockerrr (Real name Darren Fergus) and have had a good insight into how All You Want LTD operates after he told me of his experiences with Jocktheshockerrr.

This seller should be avoided at all costs, DON'T buy anything from this con merchant, you will be wasting your time and money.

Just for the record, it appears that he has another company running along side his Ebay shop.... This business is called DRF Auto Imports and is based in wales. See his website (but don't be roped in by his statement of buying with confidence, because he'll probably screw you over there too).

I have been in contact with trading standards about this matter, So if you have not received your goods, and your cheques/orders have been cashed, then contact me on where we can work together to get our money back and get him shut down.

I wouldn't bother dealing with the Ebay claims, they will only take £15 from you as an 'administration' fee, as opposed to taking the fee from the bad seller. (way to go Ebay, thats a logical way of dealing with it...making the ebayer who's been ripped off feel even better by making them pay an admin fee for something that shouldn't even be allowed to happen)

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