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So who buys e-Books?


The answer is simple... EVERYONE! E-Books are one of the most sort after items on eBay. If you go to (all links open in new windows) and type in "ebook" or "e-Book" I guarantee you will find thousands of results. It has never been easier to sell e-Books on the internet and this members area I will show the ins and outs of the e-Book business.


So what is an e-Book?


An e-Book is information that can be read on your P.C, it is not a physical paper and ink book. They can come in many forms, the main ones are .exe and .PDF format, the difference being that .exe can only be opened on a P.C and .PDF can be opened on a MAC or P.C providing that you have Acrobat Reader installed. E-Books can be about anything, just like books.


So why should you sell e-Books?


More and more people are now getting into the e-Book extravaganza. Many publishing houses are now offering select titles in e-Book form. If you click here you will see that Amazon are even selling e-Books. The information highway has made it even easier to find the information you want, when you want it.


When should you start to sell e-Books?


Well as the famous saying goes, there is no time like the present. Bigger companies like Amazon have been selling e-Books for years, but becauase of advances in technology and the ever growing free information out there e-Books will continue to rise in popularity. I personally recommend you get into the business as soon as possible.

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