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The dress shirt’s collar frames a man’s face.  A tie will help bring out your style and personality.  There are a few different methods to tying a tie, and each has a slightly different character and appropriate for a slightly different look.  Hopefully this guide can untangle any knotted confusion that might keep you caught in a bind.

For example, the Windsor and Half Windsor knots are a bit more formal than the 4-in-Hand, but in the end, the only difference comes down to polishing the perfect look to match the dress shirt you are wearing.

The Windsor knot is the largest and most formal knot.  Because of the large size of the triangle knot, it is only appropriate for wide collar dress shirts.  Squeezing this monster into a narrow collar will only cramp your style.  It is best to use a tie made of thin material for this monster knot.

The Half Windsor knot is great for medium and wide collar shirts and has a very appealing look that makes it the most popular knot in the business world. Similar to the Half Windsor, the Pratt knot is worn with the same medium and wide collared shirts that the Half Windsor is appropriate for, but it gives a slightly more narrow look that would be the most appropriate for taller men.

The 4-In-Hand knot (also know as the “JFK Knot” as it was made popular by President John F. Kennedy) is the most common everyday knot.  It is also the best knot to start learning how to tie a tie with, as it has four basic steps (1. Cross 2. Loop 3. Through 4. Pull) and is the easiest to tie.  Though it is not completely symmetrical, it is perfect for narrow and medium collar shirts. 

Each of these methods are tied slightly different, but have a few things in common before and after tying:  First, button up the top button of your dress shirt, flip up your collar, and drape the tie around the collar with the inseam facing out.  To ensure your tie will be the right length, always hold the wide end with your dominant hand, then fold the wide side in front of the narrow side across the diagonal inseam closest to your neck on the tie.  When removing the tie, always completely undo the knot to prevent your tie from wrinkling and wearing out (don't just loosen it, or you'll add unwanted creases the next time you tighten it up - always completely undo the knot!).

Good luck finding the best tie to fit your shirt and style.


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