Alloy Wheels

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A tip.

Buying alloy wheels with tyres on E-Bay can be cheaper than replacing the tyres on your car.

Example: I bought a full set of excellent Alfa 156 alloys with very good tyres on for £100. If I had just replaced the tyres on my car it would have cost twice that !

So, to open up your opportuinties to get the best deal find out which other wheels will fit your car. For instance, Renault Clio and Megane wheels fit Vauxhall. Ford fit Alfa etc etc.

You need to know a few things first.

1, Stud pattern. 4 or 5 stud normally.

2, PCD. This is the diameter of a circle drawn through the stud centres. Or diagonal measurement on 4 stud from cenre of bolts. You will end up with, most often, 100mm/108mm. So the PCD of a Ford as an example is 4 x 108. This means 4 studs and 108mm between the diagonals.

3, Offset. Usually stamped on the wheel with the letter "e" before it. This is the mm from the centre line of the wheel width the the rear of the bolt fixings. This is where you need to remember that in general front wheel drive have a greater offset than rear wheel drive. Example: Alfa 156 alloys have an offset of 41.5 and the Alfa 75 they fit onto have an offset of 30. So, to make them fit and look right I added wheel spacers ( from Halfords etc £20 ). I added 5mm spacers which gave a total offset of 36.5 which works fine on the 75.

4, Spigot size. This is the size of te centre hole of the wheel and is dificult to get right.If the wheels you want have a larger spigot hole than you need then it is very easy to use Spigot Rings. These are plastic rings that clip into the wheel to take up the slack. They are about £17 on E-Bay.

Once you assess all of the above you can then see which wheels fit and find that buying new wheels and tyres is a lot easier.

Hope this helps.

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