Always Confirm Buyers Postal Address BEFORE posting!

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I have made the most horrible discovery - I have found that there are a few deceitful ebay buyers around just recently! I have been conned by ebayers who have a particular postage address showing up on their information when they pay for an item, then after you post the item they claim that you have posted it to the wrong address! When checking back to my copy of the invoice, which is the only thing you can really go by as it doesn't get updated with their new details, you find that you were correct at that time. You begin to doubt your sanity though, when you check with their Paypal payment and find that a new address is showing.

I believe that this is a big black hole where unscrupulous ebay buyers can attempt to con you out of a postage refund! If, like me, you refund the postage to try to save your good reputation as a seller, you will find yourself out of pocket, and you may not get any feedback at all, either good or bad! You will just feel disappointed and cheated!

I now add to my item listing that I will require an email/message confirming the address to which I should post the item - then keep it safe as Ebay and PayPal will do nothing to help you in this situation. I have been out of pocket due to this and have been left feeling very let down by both PayPal and Ebay, and it is spoiling my enjoyment of what was a great interest to be involved in.

Two ebayers in particular have gotten away with this with me - one in the United States and one in England. One 'bought' a pair of Dianese motorcycle boots and one 'bought' a quiltng lamp. Sellers beware! The one in the United States claimed a full refund from me, even after I assured them that Royal Mail had told me they had been trying to locate the item as it had been sent by International Datapost. There seems to be no protection!

Please, don't you get caught out too!

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