Always look at the feedback before you bid or buy!!

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Hi, i bought and sold on e-bay, and i do love it here, but alway read the feedback, before you bid or buy!

i know that may seem, to be what everyone does, but even i have forgotten too!

In the rush to bid on some thing, that i either really wanted or needed, i've forgotten the Golden Rule, and nearly had my finger burnt off!! only once, but it did get sorted out.But only after i told the seller, i would contact the post office to see where my postal order had been cashed, because after 3 weeks of no contact, i was becoming pretty sure it had been,(because if your tardy with paying most sellers will remind you nicely, that they have nt recieved your payment!) and funnily enough, even though she would nt admit, she d had the postal order, she told me not to bother the post office, that she would send me the items in good will!

Thats when i remembered to look at her feedback, which was peppered with people complaining about her keeping there money, and not sending there items, all the ones she d stated, postal order only on.and yes mine was a postal order too!

Now that might sound like i was being a bit horrible, and i'm not at all, honest, but people who take other s money, and keep it,are terrible,we all have to get by the best we can, and who can afford to give money away for nothing?

feed back s the only was to protect yourself the best that you can, but do read carefully, because theres many a poor seller, whos been scammed!

who have sent the item, then had the buyer, cancel their credit card payment! so the buyer keeps your items and your money, while you still get to pay the fee!! and usually the seller end s up with a neg, for that extra, bit of kick you when your down!

E-bay is based on trust, and nearly all here, are the most lovely honest, helpful kind, people you will ever meet, it s just that little % that ruin it for everyone else.

so read the feed back!




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