Always make a check of a sellers pics!

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Hello, friends!

Aye, I write this as not so much a guide as a warning to buyers.  My elder brother, an ebay-buyer who I shall not name,  recently got screwed on an Ebay sale.....yes, poor big brother.  But his pain leads me to jot a not to my fellow buyers: ALWAYS make a note of the pics/ description of the item you bid on!  Now, my brother had his eye on a retro-70's digital watch....He saves all the photos on the auction and memorizes the story behind the auction AND the ame of the winner;  to make a long story short: he loses.  A month later he see's his coveted watch up, again, for bid!  He goes to the page and sees the EXACT same pictures as the former seller along with some fake story about the watch coming from the bidder's dead uncle...all from the former winning bidder on the watch!  The pics for the auction are the exact same from the previous seller. 

My brother, against all common sense, bids on it, wins the watch...and gets the watch....and finds it is completely disfunctional.  It won't tick, it won't wind and, to top it off, the "lighted" display is totally dark.  He contacts the seller, without yet revealing he knows about the bogus pics & stiry in the auction, and the seler then blasts him with accusations of "being a liar" and such.

Now, after attempts ast contacting the seller, his countries post office and pay-pal, it's seemed the seller has "suddenly"  vanished from EBAY.

SO, this is a warning to always save pics of Items you want to buy,  The names of the winning bidders and the so-called reasons behind selling their items.  They're are alot of thieves out there, don't you get taken by them.



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