Amateur to Expert

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Amateur to Expert

Needless to say that in the current climate everyone would like to save a bob or 2, and the world of DIY is no exception.
Far too many of us are quick to pick up the phone and get someone in to fix that leaking tap, change light fittings, put up and so forth. So I thought to myself, why not have a go at some of this stuff yourself and before you know it I have saved some money and learnt a new skill along the way. Now I am not saying this is for everyone but with the right tools and man or woman can be worth their salt and fix almost anything around the house or in the garage.

At my Tool Shop you will find an ever growing list of items that can assist you at home, in the garage, in the office and in the garden. Having that sense of achievement that you and you alone are responsible for that shelf, for fixing that leak for putting up that shed and that fence to keep the dogs in.

I like to thing that anyone can do DIY and not just the experts and that is why anyone is welcome at my ebay store and I am happy to sell to all those budding builders and car doctors right across to the people at home or want to save a bob or 2 and have a go themselves.
I am no expert but I have passion and if you have are half way there. The other half is to buy some tools from my shop to get the job done.

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