Amendments to my New ebayer Guide.!!!!!!

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Hi All,
To start i would like to send my thanks to all who contacted me to either update me on stuff in my guide or just to give constuctive critism. I appreciate it and hope that, at least, parts of the guide were helpful.

A couple of amendments NEED to be made.

Firstly on the subject of NOCHEX. I have been made aware recently that NOCHEX is no longer a recognised payment format for use on EBay. So DONT use it as apparently this can get you booted off. I have used Paypal since i started and although it is not perfect (What is after all) but it is easy to use and convienient.

Secondly in my guide i have stated that BE WARY of someone with low feedback numbers and less than 100% feedback. At no time did i ever mean to offend the many, many EBayers who are 100% legit and totally trustworthy and I urge anyone who has query to contact the potential Customer/Seller and im sure they will be able to lay your fears to rest. The guide was only meant as a GUIDE and people have to make up their own minds whether to bid for something or not but because i had a couple of bad experiences at the start i did not want other people to fall into the same trap. Even after a couple of years trading i still get caught out from time to time.

Finally on the subject of leaving feedback. I agree with anyone who contacted me and anyone else who thought that Not leaving negative feedback was essentially wrong and i think you are all right when you say you dont want to let someone away with it. As i have said i have been caught out and i HAVE left negative feedback however i think what i had not made clear was that i fully considered all routes first for example: sending the seller/buyer emails and make notes of dates and any replies also start the procedure to get your money back (I belive you can do this from the 10th day after the auction ends) only after i have tried these methods do i leave negative feedback. So what i am really saying is NOT DONT leave negative feedback but just dont RUSH straight in. You never know someone may have a fairly legitimate reason for the delay.

I hope these points clarify a few things and i look forward to amy comments anyone else has.

Cheers ALL,
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