American motorhomes and trailers fraud

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Be warned, there are more and more fruadulent american motorhomes and trailers appearing on ebay, they almost without exception have the following characteristics,  A new member with no feedback, a very high value item, a private auction ( other bidders id is hidden, IE you cannot warn other bidders), no contact phone number, the test is send the seller a message asking to view the item (you will not get a response if its a fraud).

The fraud works this way, you win the item, they ask for payment by ESCROW, they ask you to open an escrow account, then the fraudster send you an email supposedly from escrow telling you to pay the money into a specific bank account of the escrow agent, ESCROW DO NOT USE AGENTS. You money has gone !   BE WARNED

I have informed ebay about this, the response from ebay is useless, I have informed the police about this, the were not interested, I even informed Nat west bank of the bank account details the fruadsters used, Having paid me lip service I suspect they did nothing, Remember YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN SO BE CAREFULL.

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