An Amateur Mechanics Guide to Buying Yamaha Motorbike Parts

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An Amateur Mechanic's Guide to Buying Yamaha Motorbike Parts

Many people are amateur mechanics when it comes to repairing motorbikes. Most motorbikes are easy to repair and accessorise, and they are a good place to learn motorbike repair. Since motorbike manufacturers make their bikes slightly different, it is a good idea to know about the specific motorbike that is being repaired. In the case of Yamaha motorbike parts, the mechanic has to purchase parts specifically meant for a Yamaha motorbike.

Finding motorbike parts is not a difficult task. Knowing which part is needed is the first step in buying the part. If an amateur mechanic is buying Yamaha motorbike parts, they need to go to a parts shop or they can order them on eBay. One of the first choices they need to make is whether the part is new, used, or an aftermarket part, each of these has benefits and drawbacks when purchased to repair a Yamaha motorbike. Before shopping for Yamaha motorbike parts, amateur mechanics need to know about the types of motorbike parts and what to look for when buying Yamaha motorbike parts.

Types of Motorbike Parts

There are three main types of motorbike parts. Each of these types of motorbike parts come in new, used, and aftermarket conditions. Before purchasing any of these parts, an amateur mechanic should always decide which is better for the Yamaha motorbike he or she is repairing.

New Yamaha Motorbike Parts

When purchasing new Yamaha motorbike parts, an amateur mechanic should know that these parts are often more expensive than aftermarket parts or used parts. They are generally purchased from a manufacturer or a parts shop, as well as on eBay. New parts are sometimes more durable and last longer than used parts. Using the style of Yamaha motorbike and the year of the motorbike can help amateur mechanics to identify the exact part that they need. Most people dealing in new motorbike parts are very knowledgeable about the parts that are needed. They often have a large amount of parts in stock, rather than the need to order them from elsewhere.

Aftermarket Yamaha Motorbike Parts

Aftermarket parts are parts that are produced for the Yamaha motorbike, but are not produced by Yamaha. These parts are cheaper than new parts most of the time. Most of the motorbike parts that are considered aftermarket can be used in different styles and years of motorbikes. This means they may be similar to the new parts from Yamaha, but are not made by Yamaha. Often, people buy aftermarket parts because the new parts are too expensive or are unavailable. They also often have to be ordered from a warehouse and are not carried in stock. It is important to note that aftermarket Yamaha parts may not fit exactly as specified or may need to be modified to make them fit. It is not unusual to have to modify things like holes for screws or bolts.

Used Yamaha Motorbike Parts

Another popular way to purchase motorbike parts is used. Many places sell used Yamaha parts. They are sometimes parts from bikes that have been wrecked or otherwise irrevocably damaged. Used parts are most often less expensive than those that are new. Unlike aftermarket parts, they are designed to fit the specific make and model of bike off of which they came. Some used parts resemble the parts needed exactly, and other times, they show wear. Used engine parts are usually tested to make sure they work like new. One thing that needs to be questioned when purchasing used parts is whether or not they have been tested and whether or not they are rusted or have other damage. Most often, those selling used parts can answer any questions that an amateur mechanic may have.

Another way to get used parts is to purchase a "parts-only" motorbike that is the exact make and model of the bike to be repaired. If the bike repairs are extensive, this may be a less expensive option than buying the parts piece by piece.

A good repair manual can be extremely helpful when choosing which type of parts to purchase. Some parts cannot be purchased used or aftermarket, and can only be purchased new. When purchasing these parts, considering the pros and cons of each type is extremely important.

Type of Part



New parts

Should fit exactly

Can be ordered to colour match

Often from very reputable sources

All parts for the bike can be ordered or purchased

Usually have a guarantee

Often expensive

May not have older bike parts in stock

Older bike parts may be discontinued

Cannot be privately purchased

Aftermarket parts


Many are available for older model bikes

Almost exactly like new parts

Can be ordered painted

Usually have a guarantee

May be compatible for different years

Aftermarket parts may not fit exactly

Parts may be cross-compatible and have more holes or pieces than necessary

Aftermarket parts may void warranties

Parts may have to be modified to fit the bike for which they were ordered

Cannot be privately purchased

Used parts

Usually inexpensive

Usually easy to find

Available at salvage yards and in trade papers

Can be privately purchased

Can be purchased by purchasing a "for parts only" bike

Can be damaged

Limited warranty

May have shorter life than new or aftermarket parts

Can be rusted or otherwise aged

Not all parts available used

Rubber and plastic pieces on used parts may be worn

Many dealers are not reputable

Each of these types of parts is usually available for Yamaha motorbikes. An amateur mechanic must weigh the pros and cons of each type of part before making a purchase. Many times, the choice between the pros and cons depends on the financial state of the mechanic. Many people choose used parts over new parts because of cost, while others choose new parts because of the belief that they last longer. There is no guarantee that either is true. Many parts that are new or aftermarket have a warranty associated with them. Used parts seldom have a warranty, and if they do, it is only a 30- or 90-day limited warranty. Whenever used parts are purchased, it is important to have some sort of guarantee that the part is at least working when it arrives.

What to Look for When Buying Yamaha Motorbike Parts

When purchasing new, used, or aftermarket parts for a Yamaha motorbike, an amateur mechanic should inspect the part in the shop or when it arrives. There are a few things that need to be examined before the part is used on a motorbike.

Type of Part

What to Look For


The part should be in original packaging

If it is a greased or oiled part, it should look it

Rubber seals and fittings should be soft and flexible

Part should not appear used or rusted


Should be packaged or boxed

Should be greased or oiled if needed

Fittings should be soft and in good shape

Should look like the part meant to be replaced


No rust or other serious defects

Parts that move should move smoothly

Part should look like the one it is replacing

Should not be in poor condition or look misused

Needs to be certified as working

Guarantee or warranty should be present

Although a part that is aftermarket or used may not be perfect, it should be a good fit for what it is needed. Many parts are available aftermarket, those parts should appear similar, or the same, as the new parts. When purchasing parts for a Yamaha motorbike, an amateur mechanic should be careful to make sure the parts that they are using are sufficient for what they need.

Buying Yamaha Motorbike Parts on eBay

When purchasing Yamaha motorbike parts on eBay, all you have to do is input the search terms "Yamaha motorbike parts" into the search box, and either hit enter or click on search. A list appears of all of the eBay listings that match those search terms. Browse through the listings until you find one that interests you. You can also narrow the search by requesting a specific part like, "Yamaha fairings" or "Yamaha master cylinders", which populates a list of those specific parts.

When you find a listing in which you are interested, then simply click on the listing and a page with a detailed description is displayed. Read the detailed description carefully to make sure the listing contains everything that you want. Also, take a look at the seller's shipping, return policies, and feedback. Each of these things tells you what a particular seller expects, and how they conduct their business. If there is anything missing from the detailed page, then use the "ask the seller a question" feature. Most sellers answer questions quickly.


For an amateur mechanic, purchasing Yamaha motorbike parts can be confusing. Using a few basic rules for each type of part can solve this problem. It is important to remember that a new, used, or aftermarket part should fit correctly and appear to be in good shape. Most people who are working on a budget can purchase used or aftermarket parts, but at times, only new parts are needed. It all depends on the mechanic's budget and needs. Many times, a used part can be used when a new one is too expensive. Aftermarket parts are used when a mechanic wants a new part, but is unable to obtain one due to the age of the motorbike or the expense of a manufacturer's part. Regardless of which type of part is being purchased, they can all be found in many parts shops and catalogues, as well as on auction websites, such as eBay.

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