An Idiots Guide to finding honest Ebay sellers.It works

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The 10 commandments of David & Lindsay

This might just save you money

OK ....Lets be BLUNT ebay can be a VERY dangerous place..IF, & we do stress IF!!! You dont follow a few simple rules. We are talking from seasoned experience here, so please Have a LOOK @ our simple rules * LEARNED over several years.*

  • Rule 1..... First as a buyer make sure the item you are about to bid on is what you really want. Not a whim or a spur of the moment silly idea I:E..... I might just need it because its cheap etc.
  • Rule 2 OK you want it...Find out if there are other similar items for sale. The search engine on e.bay is VERY good But you can fine tune it to be better..LOOK & try, dont rush...remember there will ALWAYS BE other items come up the same
  • Rule 3...IF there is time do a VERY thorough research of the person you are going to buy from......ME Pages can be brilliant as people will show who they are. Ratings should be read VERY VERY carefully. Dont be put off by somebody with say 500 ratings & maybe 10 or 12 reds or neutrals read the auctions they got red rated for. Read why they got red rated, read the ratings of the people who red rated them...SEE A PATTERN FORMING! Then dont bid. IF however the person seems honest BID...BUT.... & this is a BIG BUT, be very weary of people selling 100's of items worth a lot of money all listed on the same day. IF they have only ratings for £1 items...Its easy to run ratings...& a VERY Old & nasty dodge on here.. Dont discount NEW sellers just be carefull.If you have time before bidding try a friendly e.mail to say ask a question about the item see if they use their spell checker & are polite etc...its sort of an adult GUT feeling sometimes BUT can be money saving...We honestly would NOT buy something for say £500 from a NON rated seller.
  • Rule 4....... watch for silly post costs....* Quite honestly dont bid...Say a £1 feather BUY IT NOW But £20 post??? OK thats a bit obvious BUT get the idea. IF NO POST PRICE is stated ASK & if you get no reply or its to late DONT BID.....IT can be expensive & we find it really nasty ....UK post you can get up to 20 kilos parcel force for under £20 go to the Royal Mail website its all there read it... piece of cake. You probably know within a little how heavy things are
  • Rule 5......First time you have bid.You have decided to take the plunge..Watch & see who is bidding. Dont pay more than you want for something for gods sake dont get auction fever it can be VERY expensive. Dont forget you will only pay the highest bid @ auction end so if you truly feel you would pay £100 for something & its only @ £10 with 3 minutes to go PUT YOUR £100 Bid in there & then... If somebody bids say £11 you will win the item for only £12 NOT the £100 its only as high as the last bid....However if somebody bids £99 you will win the item for £100 get the idea
  • Rule 6........ You have now won the auction be positive in paying & be communicative with your seller. Let them know any post problems.IF you want different post ASK ....I:E you feel special delivery is needed because you want extra insurance or quicker  post say so. Then pay & wait
  • Rule 7......Dont get impatient UK post can be VERY slow & post from Australia & the FAR EAST Hell it can take forever.BUT do keep in touch with your seller
  • Rule 8.....IF the item is not correct or is damaged, or simply NOT as described when it arrives, tell your seller politely exactly that. Dont be afraid, honest sellers will endeavour to help. BUT ebay themselves can be VERY slow to help. They will BUT God does it take time & you need to be persistant
  • Rule 9...... THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT...if all is well you are happy etc......Feedback SHOULD be left as you feel...Dont be afraid to say what you think BUT be FAIR remember this is where we came in....If you love it tell the world....If you hate it WARN the world.....dont simply NOT leave feedback its such a waste
  • RULE 10.......... NOW :) This is the one you must not disregard  :)......Come back & do it all again :) LOL ...HELL Then you will soon be hooked like half the world....after all beats the CRAP out of going out to boot sales...You can buy from America today & have it in the U.K in 14 days all in the comfort of your own front room or wherever your trusty comp lurks... BEAT THAT....Good Luck.. Happy ebaying....
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