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The Process
(1) Cleaning
Each coin has to go through a rigorous cleaning process prior to any gold plating takes place. It is therefore important for us to choose carefully good quality coins that have not been seriously imbedded with grime or stains that are too difficult to remove.
We apply a variety of different chemicals to get each coin to its optimum level of cleanliness.
Once that has been achieved, each coin is immersed in distilled water, dried carefully and is ready for activating.

2) Activation
Without the proper activation process on the surface of each coin, the gold plating will not function properly.
Here again the coins are immersed in special chemical solutions that have been designed specifically to react with the surface of each coin to activate the electrolytic process of gold plating. Once activated the coins are again put into distilled water, dried and are then ready for gold plating.

3) Gold Plating
We gold plate by using a method of brush plating. This process, not unlike cleaning and activating is done manually.
Each coin is held with by a clip that has an electrical connection. The brushing process is carried out manually with a sponge brush that is also connected to the electricity. The power is switched on and it is imperative that the voltage is correct before the gold plating process takes place. The temperature of the special electrolytic solution containing the electrolytes must also be correct. If the voltage is too low and temperature too cold the plating process will not be successful. If the voltage is too high then charring or sooty burn marks will appear on the coin and the whole process will have to be started again. You can begin to see that the process is a painstaking task requiring care and patience. Once having gold plated successfully, once again the coin is washed in distilled water, dried and softly polished with a polishing cloth.

4) Care for your coins
Here are some dos and don'ts that you will find useful.
Do not clean your coin with detergent or chemical based products. This could remove the gold plating completely.
A soft cloth or a very high quality soft chamois leather will keep your coin at its best.
Gold in its pure form 24ct is quite soft and easy to scratch. We use 22ct gold where there is the presence of a little more copper and zinc that provides greater longevity. The colour that is achieved is a light fresh gold.

5) Value
When you have a coin that has been plated, we believe that its value is enhanced tremendously.
Be it for an addition to a collection, a birthday gift or for a special award or presentation you will find that whoever receives such a gift will treasure it.
6) Summary
We hope that this insight to how we process our plated coins has been informative.
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