An Introduction to the Serama bantam by Carrie Wright

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I purchsed this book, not via ebay but via a website but just thought I'd share my views on it here as I notice it is also being sold on ebay.

Firstly I thought the book had some pretty pictures although the quality of the birds shown was not high. I found that much of the information clearly was used to show the serama as being small, weak and defenseless which those who keep this breed will know is not the case by a mile. I found some information to be incorrect or poorly researched for example the statement that serama eggs should not be candled is not a truthful statement as serama eggs can be candled succesfully with very rare occurances of damage. Another was the encouragement of washing white or light coloured birds in washing powder for clothes, I have been a veterinarian for 14 years and understand that this not only damages the feathers on a bird but can cause skin irritations, burning sensations, blindness should this come into contact with the eyes and even if accidentally inhaled severe lung damage.

Unfrotunately on the whole I'd rate it 4 out of 10. Dissappointing.


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