An introduction to Nova magazine (1965 to 1975)

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Nova magazine was published in London from 1965 to 1975. It was relaunched in 2000 and only survived for a year. The 2000 relaunch had none of the same people involved but kept the same themes - it was anti-celebrity and focused on women's and political issues of the day, with the best photographers and stylists of the day (Juergen Teller, Venetia Scott etc). This really shows that the original Nova was of a product of its time. It consistently stands out in the ElegantlyPapered collection as one of our favourite magazines.  We are fortunate enough to have collected an entire set of both the original and reinvented version.

The following were some of the typical coverlines. Nova was ahead of its time in putting big headlines on the cover that no other magazine would have dared to at the time. It was excellent at talking about issues on everyone's tongue back in the sixties and seventies, and it wasn't afraid to question the status quo. In our current 'anything goes' climate, it was provocative yet had an authority, with the quality of content, to back-up its ambitions. Another reason it's a particular favourite of ours is that it was never afraid to make a dramatic cover, and you felt they had a passion to make a magazine all that it could be. 

1968: "50 Years After the Vote. Only The Chains Have Changed"

1971: "Mummy's Divorced, Now I've Had An Uncle Mark, Uncle Simon, Uncle John, Uncle..."

1973: "Yes we're living in sin. No we're not getting married. Why? It's out of date."

In early 2011 we will be adding a whole category in the shop dedicated to the original Nova, as well as a separate category for the modern.  In the meantime, here is a link to the rare book about Nova for sale in our shop:

Nova book

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