An investment: lingerie for the special woman in your life!

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So you’re thinking about what to get the lady in your life for that special occasion.  Oh yes, you think, sexy underwear, that’s just the ticket, a present we’ll both enjoy!

It’s a great idea, granted.  But before you buy, check out our tips for buying so that she knows you really care.  Trust us, it’ll be worth it!

#Tip 1:  Get the Size Right!  Have a sneaky peak in her underwear drawer(s) before you buy and check what size she wears.  Get something too big and she’ll be insulted, too small and neither of you is having any fun with this present!  So check her bra size and knicker size before you buy.

#Tip 2:  What style?  Now this is tricky.  And you’re going to have to resist the temptation to buy her what you want to see her in rather than she’ll feel good in.  Remember, if she feels good you’ll have a much better time!  So again,  think about her style, what lingerie she wears when she’s dressed up and feeling fine.  Does she prefer a thong, knickers, or little shorts?  Are her bras padded, plunge, balcony or strapless?  Does she like a corset?  Go with what you know makes her feel her best.

#Tip 3:  What colour?  Is she a vixen in red or bright pink?  Or a classy lady in black or white?  A glamourpuss in subtle shades of gold or silver?  Or a vibrant, fun-lover in bright shades and patterns?  How do you see her?  How does she see herself?

Follow our tips and she’ll love what you choose – she’ll know you’ve thought about her and what she likes, wants and needs, and that’s usually what matters most.  Enjoy!!


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