Angel Care thermal bath seat

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This is a fantastic innovative way to bath your baby.
THE BASICS - place the angel care bath seat in your bath. Put the plug in and fill up to the level of water needed as per the instructions on the bath seat. DO THIS WITHOUT THE BABY IN THE SEAT. Once the bath water is at the appropriate depth and at an ambient temperature - place your baby on the seat and gently pour the water over your baby to wash. 

HOW IT WORKS - the heat of the bath water heats up the back rest of the seat, thus keeping baby warm.
And allows for safe secure bathing!

Pros - innovative thermal technology keep baby warm and secure, so your hands are free to bath baby safely. Has a small ringed structure for hanging to dry. The perforated wholes on the back rest allow for fast drying, as well as the fact that they are a design feature to allow the seat to warm. Quite stylish too

Cons - ergonomically difficult. Stooping ALERT!!!! It's quite a large seat so, need a wide enough bath for it to fit. Don't get me wrong a standard bath should suffice but, none the less it is a decent size.

Would I recommend - YES if your eyeing up a baby bath seat, especially wanting one for the 0-6 months age range - it's a great invention, very clever & keeps baby warm & secure, while you can get on with the whole point of bathing your bubs - to keep the little angel nice & clean. 

MARKS OUT OF 10 ~ 8/10 deducted 2 marks for size and stooping aspect not easy for mums who've just given birth!

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