Anna Sui - NEW FAKES?!

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I've recently spotted not one but TWO new Anna Sui fragrance for sale on eBay - one appears to be another addition to the highly successful "Dolly Girl" series and is being listed under "Lil Star" or "Lil Starlet". The styling of the bottle is in a similar vein as the previous "Dolly Girl" incarnation and likewise with the packaging - when there is packaging shown [most UK based ones appear to be Testers in plain packaging]. The other I discovered  is called "Blue Dream Peacock Dance" which appears to be in the same styling of the new out "Flight of Fancy" perfume.

Seems fab to begin with... I'm personally obsessed with Anna Sui's perfumes and eagerly await each and every addition to the collection... however upon further online snooping I believe both perfumes be fake :o(

I might be wrong here, but I have checked out the official international Anna Sui website recently and under the perfume collection section there is NO mention of EITHER one there - also there wasn't any hints or sneak previews of there being another addition to the "Dolly Girl" series in the pipeline, and again no mention of another perfume within the new "Flight of Fancy" range. The ONLY one being promoted via the website "Flight of Fancy" - [yellow box, elaborate peacock style bottle] which leads me to the conclusion that this is the SOLE new/recent perfume out from Anna. There does appear to be some slow filtering through of this particular perfume eBay now and by and large most of the sellers do appear to be genuinely offering a legitimate product  - all be it in Tester format for a vast majority of cases. Testers are genuine items but only without the fancy packaging. But again buyer beware, some people genuinely may have access to Tester supplies but there is an equal chance that the fragrances might end up being fakes as well... *sigh* It's not so much of a gamble if you're only paying out a small amount of money but still an annoying thing to happen.

I'm not having a dig at any of the sellers that happen to be selling this product. There is always a possibility that they've been suckered in by someone else up the chain into believing that this is a genuine product as well... and as much as i'd love to believe this it's unlikely. I'd personally always check things out before selling something like this - it's a hefty fine if you get caught selling fake items [intentionally or otherwise - it makes no difference in the eyes of the law btw]... and there is no way I or anyone with half a braincell would take the risk!

So please, as with buying any product, thoroughly research what you're intending to buy externally to eBay before jumping in with a purchase. You'll get a more accurate overview and within seconds get an idea if something is the real deal or not. If something doesn't seem right, you haven't seen/heard any promotion for or seems too good to be true then there is a high possibility that it is. If a seller seems to be offering large quantities of the same product then maybe it might be an idea to question their supply source. Sadly it's stupidly easy for a dishonest seller to import products from China/Asia/Malaysia etc in bulk and passing them off for genuine articles. Likewise if they seem to have unusually high amounts of "New Out", "Sold Out" and items that you're sure have been discontinued some time ago then maybe it'd be an idea to investigate said items/companies websites further as well to see what the score is. Whilst some sellers might have a couple items of dead stock lurking somewhere, I really doubt that they'd have 30+ of something just lying around for years.

Always, always, ALWAYS check out feedback, ask people on the community boards if anyone's dealt with the seller/s in the past and basically don't be duped into buying something you're unsure of. It literally takes seconds and minutes to look something up and it really could save you money, time and hassle in the long run by doing this.

I just thought I'd bring this to peoples attention - you can make up your own minds but I'd rather keep people informed than in the dark about suspected fake items on eBay.

Thank you for reading and happy eBaying! :o)

~ princess*perfect xx
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