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I currently have a few items from stock up for auction on ebay, One of which is a hard to find crystal ball set (pouch, ball and stand with instructions if needed) I had no bids on the item so dropped the price by almost £40. I had 5 watchers!!!!! So I thought at least one of them would have placed a bid on the item as it is well below wholesale price now and I just need to get rid of it. However the item has now been relisted due to no bids.

I received a suspicious email from one of the watchers asking whether they could purchase it wholesale from me and then another email from another watcher asking how much profit I was making on the item....

To be honest the only people that ask these sorts of questions are other retailers trying to beat your prices and I think its discusting.

Watchers are not always buyers in fact most of the time they are other sellers.

You can not stop people from watching your items, but my advise is to ignore the people that do watch.

I now add to my listings that watchers are not welcome and that if you are interested you ought to bid not just look. I find it really annoying when people watch.

I noticed a few days in after the item obviously wasnt going to sell that a few sellers have bought in simular items and are selling them cheaper by around £50, trouble is the unsuspecting buyer isnt going to get the same quality.

This is how watching items can damage your business.
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