Another Car buying scam please beware of these wasters

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Tried selling my car on Ebay and no takers, Ah well it happens, Did the decent thing and advertised it on Auto Trader, Two Polish guys turn up with a very attractive looking blonde wearing only a light shade for a skirt, One acts dumb and the other makes out he`s a machanic,The female keeps flashing the eyes whilst the machanic checks over the car, they get in too an argument and insist on test driving the vehicle, (I think he learnt to drive in a breakers yard).Well ??? after fifty yards I insist that he returns the vehicle, He nearly wrecks the gear box and narrowly misses an on coming vehicle,They decide to buy the car, but the machanic keeps revving the guts out of the engine,when I remove the keys he goes in to a hissy fit telling me he has`nt finished inspecting the vehicle,After a few words everything calms down, Im filling in the log book and insist on the buyers full name and address, also could he show me some form of ID,another row starts, with him telling me he doesn"t have to prove who he is, buy this time Id had enough and told em all to sod off, Well??? he nearly took my head off trying to retrieve the receipt which He`d signed as living in High Wycombe.

Two days latter I saw the three of them sitting in the garden at a house in Slough.

Moral being 1/ no drivers licence, 2/ False name, 3/ False address.

Be Carefull

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