Another duped customer by Wessex Teak

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It seems that there are many of us out there. Wessex Teak are a bunch of arrogant, bullying expletives. I ordered furniture from them on 23rd March 2008 and was given a delivery date of 31st March 2008. As I had recently moved I checked the address details they had were correct which indeed they were. I waited in all day on 31st March and nothing arrived. I again waited in the next day and again nothing. So I tried to contact them by e-mail and didn't get a reply. I e-mailed a total of  5 times and nothing. I called directory enquiries to try and get a number but no number was listed and the number they had left just rang and rang. This then prompted me to leave negative feedback and you would be surprised how quickly I was contacted then. By all accounts the furniture had gone to the wrong address and was now sitting on the drive of my previous address and had not even been signed for. They said that they would re deliver in a weeks time if I withdrew the feedback. Well I wanted to check if the furniture was there before I did anything. As I was out all day I was unable to do this until that evening. They must have called me being very abusive and rude a total of 12 times in a day. The were very aggressive and quite intimidating saying that my negative feedback was costing them money and it was my fault the furniture had been delivered to the wrong address and "it was poor old Wessex Teak" who were having to pick up the pieces. I duly withdrew the feedback later that day and heard nothing else from them. No furniture arrived, they ignored my e-mail messages and phones calls. The only reply I ever got wsa "you know you have your furniture". In the end my husband and I had to go and collect the furniture ourselves which no easy task as the people who had taken delivery of it had it locked in their garden and we had to obtain it back. When we got it home there were bits missing, it was covered in woodworm and was not treated as described. I e-mailed Wessex Teak again to say that now had furniture but bits were missing and could they please bt the missing items in the post. Still nothing. I would strongly advise people not to deal with this company. They are no longer trading as Wessex Teak but if you see a company in  Brentwood Essex, be aware this is probably them as they do trade under many different names. Like previous customers I also raised a dispute with ebay and paypal but if Wessex Teak ignore you (which they're very good at) the dispute gets closed after 90 days regardless of the outcome. The whole experience has made me very weary about using e bay again. Also look at the feedback carefully. You'll notice that in many instances the negative feedback has been withdrawn. This is probably because they've probably bullied other customers into withdrawing it before rectifying their incompetence. DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE BUNCH OF COWBOYS (and that's being polite)             
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