Antec P180

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I was expecting alot from this case and I was sadly disappointed. I read reveiws about the build quality and the quietness of this cae and all I can say is: Don't believe the hype!!
I bought my case here and when I got it it was damaged. Mostly due to Parcel Farce, but not entirely...
The case design is flawed. There are a number of small details that have been neglected in this case but which have a large impact on how this case performed.

First becasue of the positioning of the PSU you may have problems connecting  CPU/ATX power if you cable isn't long enough. Make sure you get the right PSU or if like me your budget is limited then you may have to make somethingup up. I have a Hiper 525w (MSI K8N Neo2 Platnium) and the 12v CPU connector wasn't long enough so I had to make an extension from an old PSU I had lying around. Also you may have difficultis with IDE drives if you place them in the seperate compartment with the PSU. They will fit but you may have to stretch the IDE cables a bit not very good.
Although these things can be frustrating they can be overcome and in part  you're prepared, because this is a new design of case and Motherboards and PSU manufacturers need time to catch up. So improvised adaptions are to be expected.
However, my main problem with this case is its build quality... or lack of it. The case itself is heavy and with that you would expect a strong build this is not the case. I will just list the problems I have encountered:
1. Clasps and catches are primarliy made of plastic which breaks easiliy so have some super glue handy. When I got the case the fan (between the PSU and HD caddy) was broken off. The retainer clasps for the side panels are made of this same plastic and both of these broke off. The fan doors on the front ... same poroblem.
You would think the designers would have invested in a material a little more durable. I have used a lot of cases and this is the first time I have ever seen platic being used to secure the side panels... even on the cheapest of cases aluminium is used.
2. Case legs are merely glued on and can come off. I received this case with of of the feet missing. I found it glued to the side of the case. When I removed it it the glue left a mark. Again I have never seen the like??? Did Antec run out of screws???
3. Case material marks easily. May seem like a small thing but when you pay the extra for a case you expect it to be somewhat robust. The brushed aluminium becomes tarnished and tends to show up finger marks quite easily.
4. Probably the thing most folks are interested in is its noise. Wel it isn't as quiet as I was expecting. Even with the fans all set to minimum it still can hear it whirring away in the background. Having said that it is quieter than my old system but that's not saying much. To be fair to Antec the thing that makes the most noise is the fan on my Nvidia FX3000, which is noisey. Having said that with all the hype that I read about its quietness I was expecting more and I guess that is the fault of over zealous reveiwers, trying to make a name  with the manufacturers.

You may well think I don't like this case, and you may well be right... well part right. Given what I know now I would think again before buying one. However, I am not totally disappointed. I just wish I had this information before I bought it. I could say some nice things about this case but there are plenty of reviews doing that. This case is not a total waste of time, but Antec seriously need to sort out these issues before I would consider buying another one.

Lipjam  :wink:
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