Antique Bestsellers - Parish Registers, Darwin, Hudson

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One of the top bestsellers is not a book but a collection of all the parish registers of the UK. These contain all the registered births in a parish, as well as christenings, confirmations, weddings and funerals. Useful stuff in finding your ancestors. It is available on a CD-Rom by the wonderfully named  flatcapsandbonnets-genealogy. 

Charles Darwin famously took 20 years after HMS Beagle before writing the Origin of the Species, he only finally did it because someone else was about to write a similar tome. The Christian church didn't oppose it so much as nowadays thought. The one marked here is a sixth edition, but so popular are early versions of it that this one is still very expensive.

Also here is Gwynedd Hudson's "Alice in Wonderland". Although not as well known as John Tenniel or the Salvador Dali version, Hudson is a famous 20th century illustrator of Alice and Peter Pan, using darker shades.
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