Antique Bestsellers - Rowling, Vonnegut, Peter Pan

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The most watched items on Ebay Pulse haven't really changed much in a week-but they do include new entries J K Rowling and Kurt Vonnegut.

J K or Joanne's book is "Chamber of Secrets". Everyone knows of course about Harry Potter series of films and books. Surprisingly instead of writing to publishers it seems the right to publish the Harry Potter novels was won in an auction in 1996, and published a year after. She wrote them in cafes in Edinburgh, such as The Elephant House. "Chamber of Secrets" was her second book.

Another fantasy writer, Kurt Vonnegut's book is "Slaughterhouse Five". A humanist who fought in WWII for America, he was captured during Battle of the Budge. He was well known for his experimental style of writing and "Slaughterhouse Five" is no different. It is a time travel novel mostly set during the Second World War. Vonnegut died in 2007.

Rackham's here again, but this time his book is "Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens". J M Barrie conceived "Peter Pan" as a play, but it later become a book "Peter Pan & Wendy". The Kensington Gardens part was due to a statue placed there in Peter Pan's honour.

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